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Crownie Game!

Este juego está disponible en Inglés, y es ideal para Nivel Inicial y Primaria.


With the game modes:

  • Colours and numbers
  • Colours, numbers and alphabet cards
  • Interactive game with colours and numbers




  • Genially Game for online classes or Interactive board
  • Numbers and colours Kahoot to teach before playing
  • Colours genially to tech or revise before playing
  • Interactive wordwall spinners for online or face to face classes
  • Printed game, including: board, 2 spinners, 6 tokens, double sided cards (one per letter of the alphabet)


You get the printed game and a QR code to access to all the online and digital content!


** Su dinámica es simple y divertida, ¡y puede ser usado desde los 4 años hasta los 99! **

Crownie 3-mode game!

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$9.600,00Precio de oferta


  • Personal Use

    Miss Nat's material may be used for personal or educational use by meeting the following requirements:

    • Digital material may be used in a secure, password-protected format, including on Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom, Moodle and others.
    • This material is not to be published in other sites, social media or public media.


    *Personal and Educational Use is defined as used by one individual (Teacher, parent, etc). Personal and Educational Use does not allow the product or resource to be shared nor re-sold.

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